Motivation and restoring that KAPOW! feeling

Are you feeling motivated?

This question, inspired by conversations about the Motivation Knickers, resonated amongst the Ingenious Women cohort. Where can we find motivation, and what can be done if you’re missing some of that kapow! feeling?


motivation 3

Firstly, as the group addressing how the Motivation Knickers could help their wearer surmised, it’s important to establish what might cause a drop in motivation. They created a flowchart, highlighting that the first way to regain some momentum is through establishing and acknowledging what we hope to achieve. Sometimes, reassessing the situation can add some much-needed perspective.

But perhaps something else is preventing us from finding our drive ? Factors such as tiredness, apathy, or feelings of low confidence and a fear of failure can have an impact on motivation. Again, acknowledging how we feel is key, and will then enable us to find a solution to our missing motivation. Maybe being selective about opportunities and saying “no” more is required, or we can start to challenging feelings low self-confidence by recognising our past achievements? Honesty is the best policy here, and can help to clear the fog.

What about more immediate motivation? How can we create some daily bam! moments?

Motivation 2.png
Adding small, daily “wins” into our routines can be a good place to start, and create a long-term kapow! Completing a small task- such as making the bed in the morning- can have a positive impact later in the day. Equally, trying to set reasonable daily goals that can be ticked off can increase that sense of triumph, whilst also enabling us to better prioritise, or even change our approach to specific tasks. Although to do lists can help here, it’s worth noting that there are a multitude of useful apps and technology which can be used to this end. Celebrating those achievements-however small- are equally important- Ingenious Women are successful. Another factor the cohort appreciated was the concept of planning rewards into our schedules, providing both a motivational “carrot”, as well as a means of celebrating accomplishing our goals.

Another idea discussed throughout the weekend- and that factored into some of the other pairs of Knickers introduced during the course- was that of Ingenious Women acting as, and surrounding themselves with, positive support networks . Having figures with whom we can share ideas and our expertise with, or act as cheerleaders can also provide much-needed re-invigoration. This could be through daily huddles, or electronically through Slack and other similar apps.

Finding motivation for larger goals is also possible using these smaller, daily techniques. Having a conveniently-placed reminder such as a picture or quote which can be seen every day can also increase long-term levels of motivation.

Ultimately, by being honest, assessing the situation, and being prepared to make changes, it’s possible for Ingenious Women to maintain motivation.

So- are you feeling motivated?
What can you do to improve your daily and long-term bam! and kapow! ?



Motivation Flowchart graphic – Michelle Snowball (@MysterySnowball)
Images- Cia Jackson & Jo Young

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